We had a brilliant day today at our first Wild About Life event with ecologist and team member Dr Joanne O Brien. We spent World Water Day – 22.03.24, literally immersed in nature and water, learning how to analyse river water quality. We were all amazed at the number of creatures living in water and what they can tell us about the quality of the water. We even got to listen to their activity underwater. We spent the afternoon in a living lab at The Barna Way. Thanks to Joanne for all the knowledge and skills sharing and to Rena for the great photos. We were reminded that drawing was very much a necessary part of a naturalist’s practice (pre photography to record nature) and it was great to see artist & collaborator Marta at work capturing the scene, along with lead artist and team member Lisa. We had another delicious lunch with organic salad from Manna Organic Store (Tralee) with freshly made soda bread and soup, again, thanks to Rena.